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Understand what is happening behind the scenes. You will be able to gain a new perspective as a result. Finding a midpoint of agreement happens naturally. Tonight: Listen to great music. One-on-one relating draws a new sense of self and allows greater give and take with the person in question.

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The unexpected occurs, adding a touch of excitement to your day. Honour a fast change. Tonight: Be a duo.

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Listen to news with an open mind. You cannot change what is happening around you, but you can respond differently. You are full of questions as you seek out options. You will find a friend instrumental to a resolution.

Love and Compatibility for December 24 Zodiac

Tonight: How can you not say yes to an offer? Toss yourself into a project if you can. Understand your limits as well as the limits of others.

You could be confused about your options. Ask the necessary questions. Do not hesitate to zero in on what you want.

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    Capricorn Horoscope

    By Jacqueline Bigar Tues. Get some good advice in your inbox. All work and no play make Taurus a very dull person. And I mean, right now! Today nothing is more important than your happiness and enjoyment. Dance and sing like nobody is watching or listening.

    Chinese Calendar of December 1959

    Get a hobby! Intellectual Geminis are all about mental stimulation but as of today and over the next month focussing on artistic projects that unleash your creativity will be a source of immense pleasure. Who knows, you may also discover hidden talents that were either lying dormant since childhood or you never knew existed.

    Check out your local art centre, take up photography or write a short story — whatever floats your boat. Today the Sun begins its month long annual visit to your home sector. Consider this to be a fresh start with both your intimate physical surroundings and the dynamics between household members. Also look at your mode of transport and transform a commute into an informative and enjoyable experience with a book or podcast.

    Your relationship with money comes under scrutiny as the Sun visits your sector of finances and values. This is the ideal time to examine and recalibrate your mindset to a healthier way of connecting with cash. Focus on fostering prosperity and the notion that you can have it all. This day is perfect for clearing up all misunderstanding and to renew the vitality of your relationship.

    You may also learn something from your partner that is totally unexpected and very surprising for you. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. While you are moving forward, people may try to pull you down. Do not get into any kind of verbal dispute.

    Let your work speak for you. As you progress, you will reach a position when pulling you down will be difficult. Keep doing the good work. Maintain harmony with your colleagues and subordinates.